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Next Generation Manchester is a Social enterprise with main aim to work, educate and integrate young
people with fewer opportunities and people from rural areas in the UK system. We reinvest our profit, if
any, to our mission and using non formal education methods we aim to create a more inclusive UK
society with equal opportunities for all.
Next Generation Manchester is founded by initiative of a group of young people and we work for the
common good of young people.
As with many countries, the UK has a large number of young people who are not in education,
employment or training (NEETs) and are unable to find work. People who are less fortunate and are
coming from rural areas and immigrants. This is our target group. Our social enterprises work specifically
with disadvantaged young people to help build their skills, widen their knowledge, gain confidence and
employability.  We work with young people from rural areas increasing the quality of activities and
promoting opportunities for them.
As social entrepreneurship, opportunities it offers and possibilities both for the entrepreneur and target
group, is the main direction where we focus our work. We teach young people about this opportunity to
lead and be led in companies that have a social impact on the UK society.
As a social entrepreneurship, we are focused on achieving millenium sustainable goals. Our main aim is
education for all, using non-formal educational methods and new educational technologies. Also, our
work is focused towards creating a healthy lifestyle and healthy environment for future generations.

 to decrease the unemployment rate in Manchester region, and in the UK in General.
 to support social businesses with expertise, and to reinvest part of our profit in it.
 train young people and work on their soft skills, in order to boost their employability chance
 promote entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and green business
 promote and work towards creating sustainable and healthy environment and lifestyle of
young people
 implement the Scandinavian model of  environmental friendly waste management recycling
and smart economy, first local and then on national level
 work towards World sustainable Goals

Next Generation Manchester vision is to be a leader in providing non formal education opportunities for
young people, courses, international mobility’s and possibilities for young people coming from
minorities, other vulnerable groups coming from different ethnic, religious or geographical background,
facing discrimination and havig less opportunities than others. We want to be leader for promoting
different cultures and promoting peace.

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